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Smoked Glass Spoon Pipe - Marley Natural
Smoked Glass Spoon Pipe - Marley Natural
Smoked Glass Spoon Pipe by Marley Natural
Smoked Glass Spoon Pipe - Marley Natural

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Product Description

Smoked Glass Spoon Pipe - Marley Natural

Every smoker will know the importance of having a tried and true spoon style pipe around. This selection has that size and convenience of use on its size that makes this overall style of smoking device so popular but with a much more streamlined and luxurious design about it that will appeal to so many different people that are out there. The way that this pipe is going to be able to give you so much versatility and convenience will have you using it very frequently and finding yourself growing an attachment to it as well. This is a really great thing because honestly, we all could use some well-made products in our lives that will ensure that we are able to keep them around for a really long time. Many of us think of the spoon style of pipe as being one of the most basic and simple kinds of designs that there is until this pipe has come around. This Smoked Glass Spoon Pipe has been specially engineered so there is plenty of room for your smoke to swirl around and cool so that you can get much more enjoyable and smooth pulls. Marley Natural makes such a wide range of different products that are going to stun and amaze with their dedication to quality and mission to make products that improve smokers routines. Everything that they come out with is made with so much passion and care that will be evident as soon as you use them.


Product Features:


  • Dimensions: 1" H x 4.25" L x 2" W
  • Made From High-Quality Glass
  • Sleek and Classy Design

Package Contains:

  • 1 x Smoked Glass Spoon Pipe by Marley Natural

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