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Spore Swiss Perc Recycler - Tsunami
Spore Swiss Perc Recycler - Tsunami
Spore Swiss Perc Recycler - Tsunami
Spore Swiss Perc Recycler - Tsunami

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Product Description

Spore Swiss Perc Recycler - Tsunami



The Spore Swiss Perc Recycler by Tsunami almost resembles a teapot and this little teapot is stout and sure can bubble. While they serve a purpose for the recycling process, the tubing makes for an elaborate addition and design. The recycler recycles the water, it redeploys throughout the chambers it filters and cools the water. The bent neck with ribbed mouth makes it comfortable and easy to use.  Watch the curvy journey of vapor as it goes through the tubes and back into the chamber. Take time to really enjoy your session as you spark up this exclusive water wipe. Embark on a journey with all five senses. Hear the bubbles percolate as you inhale. Watch the journey of the vapor as it travels through this gorgeously constructed piece. Feel the heat in one hand as you blaze the bowl and the cool smooth glass with the other. Smell the distinct fragrance and savor the flavor of the smoke as you ingest it deeply. 


Product Details:


  • For Smoking Dry Herb
  • 12 Inch Height 
  • Vortex Tunnel
  • Bowl Size: 14mm Male
  • Multiple Different Percolators

Package Contains:


  • 1 x Spore Swiss Perc Recycler By Tsunami


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